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Here’s A Look Back On The “Between The Sheets” Tour

The announcement made on January 25, 2015 marked one of the biggest announcements in music history, according to R&B fanatics who secretly obsess over the day two popular R&B singers go on tour together. The statement said that “Panty Droppa” Trey Songz and “Take You Down” Chris Brown, plus an added special guest Tyga, would be going on tour together for a “Between The Sheets” tour.

Westcoast rapper Tyga opened up the night with an energetic performance that had the sold-out crowd on their feet. He performed hit songs “Ayo,” “Rack City,” “Make It Nasty,” and “Faded” in front of red, blue, orange, and yellow flashing lights and a screen that read “T-Raww” in multiple, neon colors. Throughout his entire set, Tyga jumped up and down across stage, which in return, made the audience sweat vicariously through him. At the end of his hyped performance, the rapper thought it was a good idea to hop off stage and trample over security, in order to get extra close to fans.

“It was amazing! He was right there in front of me,” audience member Jacqueline Hernandez said. “I was so close to touching him. Best night of my life!”

Once Tyga left the stage, things started to get steamy. I mean, this is an R&B concert, people. The lights go off, the stage turns black, and the countdown begins. 10… 9… 8…7… The crowd continues to scream. 6… 5…. 4…. Who will come out next!? 3… 2…. 1… Trey Songz and Chris Brown appear on the television screens. Who will come out first? “Let’s flip for it,” Songz said on screen. The coin flips and Songz’s face appears on the screen. “Showtime,” Songz says. The stage opens up, fog rises, “Touchin, Lovin” starts to play in the background, and a few seconds later, Songz appears on stage. He’s styling a long black fur coat with black jeans, sunglasses, and gold chains with a Trigga feather pendant. He looks around the room, watches the fans insane reaction, and shows off that handsome smile.

Songz gets things started with a couple of songs from his latest album Trigga like, “Foreign” and “Cake.” As his backup female dancers sensually dance on the second floor of the stage, Songz takes off his sunglasses so fans can see his beautiful brown eyes. At this point, panties are flying across the room, hoping to land in Trey’s hands, and some ladies have passed out due to Songz’s sex appeal.

The R&B singer really showed off his vocals when he threw it back to his older hits, “I Need A Girl,” “Out Of My Head,” and “Just Friends.” Throughout his “I Need A Girl” performance, Songz kept scoping out the crowd, looking for his next lucky lady. “I see you over there,” he said.  During “All We Do,” Songz smacked a couple of backup dancer’s butts, and slowly started to take off his clothes. Typical Trey. He ended his set with his latest hit “Slow Motion.” Songz and one of the dancers performed an intimate dance, followed by another dancer giving the R&B singer a lap dance. Then it was on to the next steamy performance.

Chris Brown really blew the crowd away with his smash hit singles and signature dance moves. He opened up with “X,” which features off his sixth album X. Red, orange, and yellow lights flashed to the beat, while Brown showed off his crazy footwork. Then Brown threw it back to his 2014 hit “Love More,” which the whole crowd knew word for word. Instead of female dancers, Brown brought out his male squad to give the audience even more of a show.

“Chris Brown was my favorite. He is such a great performer. I loved all of the songs he performed. It’s hard to choose a favorite,” said Chris Brown fan Meagan Kersey, who attended the “Between The Sheets” tour.

And of course, Chris Brown had to throw it back to the single that started it all, which was 2005’s “Run It.” Everyone’s younger self was screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. At this point, between the loud music and the screams, I had lost my hearing.

During the middle of his set, the singer started to slow down the tempo. The room turned purple, everyone quieted down, and “Deuces” started to play. Throughout the song, Brown encouraged the audience to “throw them deuces up.” And what did we do? We threw those deuces up as high as we could.

For the final “hoorah,” Chris Brown thanked the audience for coming out. “Between The Sheets Tour, we appreciate y’all for coming out here tonight. Los Angeles, Westside! We f*** with y’all! We love ya!” Trey Songz appeared back on stage, where he blew goodbye air kisses to the fans. Finally, red and white confetti exploded in the air while the audience began to cry as they realized the best night of their life had come to an end.

Cover Image via Majic 102.1

Written for 24/7 Hollywood 2016 by Melina Joseph



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