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The Much Anticipated Animation Short 'Hair Love' Is Hitting Theatres Near You

Lion Forge Animation was launched in hopes of bringing more diversity within the animated field and with this new short, Hair Love, they are doing just that. Hair Love will be Lion Forges Animation’s first of many heartfelt projects.

Directed by Matthew A. Cherry and created, in collaboration with, Sony Pictures Animation, Hair Love features an African-American father learning how to do his daughter’s hair for the first time. The animated short went viral back in 2007 during a Kickstarter campaign, where it highly outperformed its financial goals.

In addition to Cherry, the short film is produced by Karen Rupert Toliver, Stacey Newton, Monica A. Young, and Lion Forge Animation’s David Steward II and Carl Reed. It also features famed actress Issa Rae who plays the voice of the daughter’s mother.

“With Lion Forge Animation, our goal remains in line with what we accomplished in publishing; to showcase a variety of authentic voices and experiences through our work, whether created internally or through partnership with top talent," stated Steward II in a statement. "Matthew’s vision for this project checked all of these boxes, and is a heartfelt authentic story that rings true to so many in the African-American community, especially those of us who are fathers with daughters of our own."

This final short is expected to touch lives of many, especially those within the African-American community. It's the short we all knew we needed.

Hair Love will make its theatrical debut alongside The Angry Birds Movie 2 on August 14.

Cover Image via Kickstarter



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