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A San Diego Recap

My boyfriend and I stayed at Mission Beach, San Diego, CA for a cute birthday weekend getaway. We had a fun filled weekend so I thought I would share what we did, in case you found yourself in San Diego and didn't know what to do.

We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb, walking distance from the beach, Belmont Park, some grocery stores, bike rentals, bars, and food spots like, Rosaria Pizza, Arslan's Gyros, NoW Sushi, and more. We had brought snacks, chips and guac, margarita mix, tequila, limes, and water with us. You know, the essentials. To commemorate our first day in SD we made margaritas, cheered, and stepped out!

First, we took a 20-minute walk to Rum Jungle Cafe where I got an açaí-filled pineapple with bananas, strawberries, watermelon, chocolate bits, coconut shreds, and honey. Yum! It was huge but best believe we ate all of it.

As we walked back we stopped at CA Taco Cafe and, of course, Better Buzz, which has thee best vanilla iced coffee with oat milk EVER. If you find yourself in San Diego, Better Buzz is definitely a must.

Like LA, there are a bunch of electric scooters and bikes around San Diego. I've ridden the Bird before but I had never rode Wheels so we downloaded the Wheels app and hopped on that thang. It was a fun and easy ride back.

We chilled at the Airbnb a bit and then decided to walk to Belmont Park. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all the rides were closed which was a bummer but we both ended up buying some nice dad hats which is always a win. I got one with an avocado on it.

Next stop, the beach. It was a chill evening and it got suuuuper hazy. It got to the point where you couldn't see ahead of you, it was that foggy. It ended up being really cool though and fun to mess around in.

We heard that El Prez was a poppin' place to go to, so for our first night we went there. It's a nice rooftop with a bar, high tops, and cabanas. It's a great late night bar that closes at 2am, although we left at 11pm because we were tired okay. I got popcorn shrimp, which was goodt.

After we got back to the Airbnb, we changed into our pjs and took a night time stroll on the beach, put our feet in the water, and enjoyed each other's company until we were both ready for bed.

Day two called for the one and only Trujillo's, my favorite place to get THE BEST $10.20 burrito. It's called the Phi Psi Special which comes with your choice of carne asada or pollo asado, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, cheese, and of course, fries. Oh my god, I literally be craving this thing. I am always tempted to take a drive to San Diego just for this burrito.


Also a must while in San Diego is Sunset Cliffs. You have to see it during, yes, sunset. I mean, you can go whenever you want but during sunset is *chef's kiss.* It's really romantic and serene.

Lastly, Glass Lamp District. This area is cray and packed with a bunch of people but a lot of fun. There are soooo many restaurants to choose from. The streets seem never ending, it was hard for us to choose. A couple of the restaurants we originally wanted to eat at, like Lume, had too long of a wait so we had to keep looking. We ended up getting really lucky with the restaurant we did end up eating at though.

We landed at an Italian Restaurant called Asti Ristorante, which has the best pasta carbonara I have ever have, and being Italian, I've had some bomb pasta carbonara. They took us in right away and we both ordered moscato, and just how we started the trip, we ended it with a cheers.

Cover Image, Pictures, & Video by Melina Joseph

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