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Cruising On The Royal Princess Yacht

Newport Beach, CA — There is no better way to enjoy a night out than to be drinking fruity cocktails, eating great cuisine, and dancing with friends, all while on a yacht.

No, not a boat, that is different. On a yacht!

Annual Yacht Parties host yacht events throughout the year, especially during the holidays like Cinco De Mayo, Fourth of July, and St. Patrick’s Day. Many boarded the Royal Princess in Newport Beach to experience the fun and to escape reality for a bit. Even though most of the yacht parties are held for special occasions, you do not always need a reason to party, and Annual Yacht Parties know that.

This past Saturday, they hosted two events. One was a fiesta yacht party held throughout the afternoon. The next cruise was a Reggae Night with a Caribbean-themed event for the evening. This 21-andover sold-out function went all night. People boarded the yacht at around 6:30 p.m., where the First Class Yacht Crew greeted them inside.

Reaching two stories high, the Royal Princess included an unlimited Caribbean buffet with Kalua pork and jerk chicken tacos, and specialty rum cocktails made by master mixologists. There was also a professional DJ who was spinning reggae music and hits from the Top 40 list from start to finish.

The yacht took sail at 7 p.m., right around when the sun started to set. As the sky turned orange, faces started to turn blush red from the two complimentary cocktails that were offered. This was only the beginning to a relaxing, stress-free, three-hour harbor cruise ride.

Once everyone had their food and drinks at hand, the exploring around the yacht and mingling amongst others began. There were a variety of reasons why people came on the yacht: three parties were celebrating birthdays, couples were on date night, and others were simply looking for a great time.

“I’m having so much fun,” said one local. “This is my second time on the yacht party. My friends and I always have the best time!”

The yacht took everyone around Newport Beach, passing by Balboa Pier. The ocean appeared busy during this time of night with others enjoying themselves on the water with many different types of boats and yachts.

Nighttime view on the Royal Princess Yacht in Newport Beach, CA

The city lights lit up the night for the last couple hours of the ride. People hurried to grab more food and drinks during the last call, and the Caribbean music continued to be blasted on the Royal Princess. Not one person was sitting; instead, they were far too busy taking advantage of the dance floor. It was clear, everyone left his or her troubles and worries at home, to let loose and be free on a Saturday night.

Annual Yacht Parties will be back and better with an upcoming Halloween Yacht Party in Newport Beach, as well as in San Diego

on October 27. Don’t fret if you are unable to make this one, they will also be hosting a New Year’s Eve Yacht Party in Newport Beach, San Diego, and Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve, and plenty more in the year to come.

Cover Image, Picture, and Video via Melina Joseph

Written for The Ball Out 2018 by Melina Joseph



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