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Diners Craving More ‘Yummy Wine’ After Four Brothers' Winemaker Dinner

Hollywood, CA - Four Brothers, one goal – To create love and happiness through wine.

Four Brothers is a boutique, hand crafted, family run business dedicated to bringing you, yes, you (if you are 21 and over, of course), the finest wines the Central Coast has to offer. The company started production in 2012, and has since expanded their following all throughout the nation, especially in California.

Actor and Brother Chris Blasman hosted an event, Vine to Vine: Four Brothers Winemaker Dinner at the Wood and Vine restaurant in Hollywood on Wednesday to showcase four distinct wines his company has to offer. To pair with these family-curated wines, Executive Chef of Wood and Vine Jennifer O’Neil, designed a delicious four-course menu that included butterfly shrimp, torched peach, fennel cabbage slaw, and more.

Wood and Vine in Hollywood, CA

Only 30 people were allowed to attend the event. Many were friends and family of the Four Brothers, while others tasted their wine previously in other occasions and simply came to the event to try more. The small group, along with the outside seating, decorated lights, and black and white silent film in the background created quite an intimate atmosphere. Add wine and dessert into the mix and everyone knew at least three things about each other.

The first course of the evening consisted of watermelon, butterfly shrimp, queso fresco, and jalapeno bites. Four Brothers believed the best wine to accompany this dish was the ’17 Rose of Grenache, and they were not wrong. The sweetness of the wine went well with the sweetness yet spiciness of the jalapeno bites on top of the watermelon.

Blasman described the second wine, ’16 Grenache Blac, as a white wine for red wine drinkers. “It has a mango green melon nose and it is very dry on the palate,” he said. This wine was paired up with the pistachio salad, which included, torched peach, arugula, and feta, topped with house honey vinaigrette.

If you were still hanging in there and was not falling over your chair just yet, one would have learned that the ’15 Syrah was the third wine to be introduced. Now I know they say third time is the charm, but my, was this wine strong. It must be why it was chosen to be sipped alongside venison, rosemary jus, herb goat cheese polenta, and fennel cabbage slaw with blackberry sauce.

Guests enjoying delicious appetizers and tasteful wine pre-dinner

Last, but not least, was the dessert, the final (and best, if I do say so myself) course of the night. O’Neil brought out the tasteful dessert herself, a strawberry shortcake with a house glaze.

A chilled ’16 Grenache was the wine of choice for this dessert, and specifically chilled because, “I just tasted it (the Grenache) and I knew it needed to be chilled,” Blasman explained. “It’s a yummy wine… This is red wine for white wine drinkers. It’s just yummy, that’s the best way to describe it.”

After everyone’s plates were wiped clean, Blasman went around to introduce himself to guests he had missed earlier and poured more wine into the remaining survivors glasses. Although the food was finished, it was clear the night was not.

Four Brothers wine company travels every year, every four to six weeks to host events like the one they did Wednesday. If you have not already heard of Four Brothers, best believe you will now.

Four Brothers Winemaker, Chris Blasman

Pictures via Melina Joseph

Written for The Ball Out 2018 by Melina Joseph



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