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I Got a DevaCut and Like, No

I received a DevaCut, more specifically a DevaCurl Specialist Female Cut, at The Strandz on Grand in West Covina, CA for $130, $145 including tip. Yeah, you read that right, I paid $130 for a haircut! Am I ridiculous for spending $130 on a haircut? Some might say, yes, of course you are, what the hell. Others might say, no, I don’t think so, that’s how much I always spend on my haircuts. Personally, I think I am ridiculous for spending $130 on a DevaCut and here is why, if it is not already obvious.

Let me start off by saying this article has nothing to do with the service of Strandz on Grand. The lady who cut my hair was very nice, informative, and proceeded to tell me that the hair products I use for my hair are damaging, which is what every hairdresser says to me. This article is simply to express my thoughts on the DevaCut I received and why it was not worth $130.

For those of you that do not know what a DevaCut is, it is a haircutting technique created by Lorraine Massey, co-owner of Devachan Salon in New York City. It caters to those with curly hair, typically those with Type 2b to Type 4c hair type. The difference between a DevaCut and a regular haircut is that the DevaCut cuts your hair while dry, in its natural state, as oppose to cutting it wet. In addition to the cut, salons will usually wash, diffuse, and style your hair with DevaCurl products. Prices usually range on average from $120-$200, excluding tip.

It makes sense to cut your hair dry so as to not disturb the curl pattern and to know exactly how much you’re cutting off, right? No.

I say, “No” because to me it makes more sense to cut hair when wet, so you will know exactly how straight and even you are cutting across. My hair ranges from Type 2c-3b depending on the day. In other words, on some days it is straight and on other days it is curly or wavy. The day I received my DevaCut, some curls were more curled than others, so the haircutter did her thing and cut my hair in the way she seemed fit.

Lo and behold, the next day, I had strands of hair that were longer than the rest of my hair.

To top it off, like I said before, a DevaCut usually involves styling. Keep in mind, when I put product in my hair, I usually put about one pump of CURLS Blueberry Bliss curl control jelly with a combination of a quarter size amount of Cantu leave-in conditioning repair cream, so when the stylist used 14 pumps (yes, 14 pumps!) of DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel I was like, “What the?”

If you’re putting 14 pumps of anything in someone’s hair, of course the curl is going to hold a lot stronger and appear more pronounced because of the excesses amount of product in it. However, I don’t like the feel of a lot of product in my hair because it tends to feel hard. I like a softer, frizzier look to my hair. Don’t judge.

After she styled it she proceeded to ask me, “Isn’t that so much softer than what you’re used to? Do you feel the difference?” In my head I was like, “This sh*t is hard as hell,” but of course, I said, “Dang, yeah, it feels so much better.”

Strandz on Grand cut 3.5 inches off of my hair. Granted, my hair did look healthier afterwards and the cut definitely added more volume. Also, it was nice to put DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel product in my hair “for free” since they run around $25 a bottle. However, my point is, if I were to have cut my hair where I usually go, Fantastic Sam’s up the street, for $20-$30, my hair would have still looked healthier with more volume.

Additionally, no one has to spend $130 on a haircut. I tried a DevaCut because one, I felt like I had the money at the time to splurge and two, because of all the hype around getting one. It’s supposed to be transforming, hello. However, in the end, to me it was not worth it.

I think it is worth noting that I am aware that not everyone has the same opinion about DevaCuts as me. DevaCuts cut differently on different types of hair and I know a lot of people that get them consistently. I am simply expressing my opinion on the DevaCut I received in hopes to help someone who is debating getting one.

Pictures via Melina Joseph

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