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Mouthwatering Dishes, Wines Satisfy Diners At Frog’s Leap Wine Dinner

Los Angeles, CA — City Club Los Angeles in California hosted an exquisite and delicious dinner and wine event this past Friday. The top-notch menu included six courses that had a mixture of meat and fish, all paired up with Frog’s Leap’s fabulous red and white wines. The layout of the seating was breathtaking to say the least.

Frog's Leap Wine Dinner at City Cub in Los Angeles, CA

Frog’s Leap created their first wines back in 1980, the Sauvignon Blanc and Zinfandel, with grapes purchased from Spottswoode Family Wine Estate. The founder, John Williams, launched the company in Napa Valley, CA, where it officially released its first wine, the 1981 Sauvignon Blanc.

The wines feature designer Chuck House’s award-winning label, which has been featured in the New York Times.

Since the beginning, Williams has introduced many delicious wines, including Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and more. In 2012, Williams lived his long-time dream of producing an entirely estate-grown Cabernet, when the 2012 Estate Grown Rutherford, Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was released into the marketplace.

This ever-growing company loves to dress to impress for events like the one hosted by City Club LA, especially when paired up with mouthwatering items.

City Club LA thrives on its diverse community and offers many private events and dinner parties throughout the year. Its very own Executive Chef Marc Wilson had the pleasure of collaborating with Frog’s Leap’s right-hand, Kristy Byrd, to showcase their talents to members and non-members of the private business club.

As guests started to arrive, so did the Welcome Oyster Shooters, Taro Chip topped with Leek Panna Cotta, and the 2017 Sauvignon Blanc. With every dish and wine came an introduction from Wilson and Byrd.

They each described their specialty so people could learn more about the dish or wine, and understand where its inspiration stems from.

Everyone came in their best attire for the classy evening, and physically prepared themselves for the plentiful courses ahead. In between the delicacies, chattering took place to discuss how well the food and wine paired together. The fourth course shocked guests, as Wilson and Byrd paired a 2016 Zinfandel with Opah Sundried Tomato – Kalamata Olive Pesto and Roasted Opah.

“One would not normally pair a Zin with a fish, but they did it here at City Club,” commented Executive Chef Wilson. “This Zin is not as peppery as other Zins. It’s a very versatile wine, and it’s very hard to pair together.”

Right after we were served course number four, Chef Wilson even went around the room and gave cheers to everyone.

Chef Wilson further explained the Kalamata Olive Pesto, and how it compliments the wine since it has a strong taste. The fish is used to cleanse the palate, to wash everything else away.

Char-grilled London Broil dressed in a Micro-Popcorn, Amaranth “Risotto” Style topped with Mulberry Relish by Executive Chef Marc Wilson

Other courses included Duck Flight – Seared Duck Breast, Duck Confit, and Duck Pate paired with a 2017 Sauvignon Blanc, Roasted Bone Marrow and Pork Pate accompanied by a 2016 Chardonnay, and a Char-grilled London Broil dressed in a Micro-Popcorn, Amaranth “Risotto” Style topped with Mulberry Relish coupled to the 2015 Merlot.

Last, but not least, was the Grass-Fed Free Range Bison Strip Steak, Charred with Rosemary Gremolata Salsify – English Pea Succotash with a 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon.

“We have five core varietals, and of these varietals, his (John Williams) Cabernet is outrageous, beautifully balanced, as is his Merlot. I do love his red wines, and I think they drink well now and age incredibly well,” said Bryd from Frog’s Leap.

To top the night off, a flight of truffles with either coffee or tea were handed out, and the rest was history. Everyone dispersed into their groups and stayed to chat over leftover wine and dessert until the night ended, or at least until their Uber arrived.

One word to describe this amazing event: magical.

Frog's Leap Kristy Byrd speaking to guests about her high-quality wines

Cover Image, Pictures, and Video via Melina Joseph

Written for The Ball Out 2018 by Melina Joseph



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