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New Music: Fetty Wap & Zoo Gang – ‘ZOO 16: The Mixtape’ Stream

Fetty Wap collaborated with the Zoo Gang and released a new mixtape titled Zoo 16: The Mixtape Tuesday morning.

Zoo 16: The Mixtape is hosted by DJ Big L 4Eva and features artists like, Monty, Remy Boyz, Khaos, and more. This 17-track mixtape includes Wap’s “My Way” and “Again,” but with a twist. He adds a “Zoomix” to each, which includes added commentary, sound effects, and an overall new, intense sound.

Listen to Wap’s crazy new mixtape here.

You can also catch Wap with Post Malone and Monty at his “Welcome to the Zoo” tour, which begins Friday in Silver Spring, MD. Look at the list of tour dates below and see if he’s preforming in your city.

Cover Image via Capitol FM

Written for 24/7 Hollywood 2016 by Melina Joseph

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