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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Side Effects of Birth Control

Tri-Sprintec (pills)

I was on Tri-Sprintec for 4.5 years


  • I skipped one period within the first year and that, of course, lowkey freaked me out. I thought I was the next Virgin Mary (I was a virgin at the time)

  • It made me randomly vomit once within the first year but after I did vomit, I felt completely fine

  • It eventually started to thin and straighten out my hair by year 3-4

  • Definitely decreased my sex drive overtime

  • I, unfortunately, received many yeast infections being on the pill. Literally, the worst thing ever. We're talking every 3-4 months


  • It did wonders for my skin. I had bad acne and discoloration and it cleared all of that up

  • Light periods that consistently lasted only 3-4 days with hardly any cramping or other physical pains

  • I feel like it balanced out my mood swings and alleviated my crying spells overtime

  • I did not take the pill at the same time everyday and I missed some days here and there and I still didn't get pregnant! Yay!

I took a 4.5 month break from Tri-Sprintec before getting on Beyaz. At around the 2-3 month mark my hair started to excessively shed for about three months. I'm talking clumps and clumps of hair, making me feel like I was going to go bald. My acne was also through the roof

Beyaz (pills)

I was on Beyaz for 7 months


  • Cramping. I had never experienced cramping before until this pill. Rude af

  • Welp, I got my acne back. Yayayaya!

  • For some reason, I couldn't eat meat anymore? I feel like it made my stomach more sensitive which sucks because I love meat but also good because meat isn't that good for you???

  • Heavier periods that lasted 4-5 days

  • My moodiness became much more apparent around the start of my period

  • It dried out my skin and scalp

  • Decreased my sex drive but not as much as Tri-Sprintec

  • It also caused yeast infections, every 3-4 months

  • I just personally didn't like this one. Next


  • My hair got thicker and curlier, more back to my natural which was v nice

  • Item 3 on the bad list could also fall into this category

  • I didn't get pregnant! Yay!

I went off Beyaz the same day I had the IUD inserted. Three months after getting off Beyaz my hair started to shed excessively. The shedding lasted longer this time around, about 3.5 months

Skyla (IUD)

I had the Skyla inserted on March 9, 2020 and taken out on May 14, 2021


  • The insertion!!!! 12/10 do not recommend the insertion because ugh so uncomfortable and just not fun

  • Upon insertion, they recommend waiting 24 hours before you insert anything (or anyone) into your vagina because of possible soreness. Others will recommend 2-3 weeks. I had to wait 2-3 weeks because I still felt sore

  • Spotting. Lots and lots of spotting! = Lots of cute panties ruined :( Only for the first couple months though

  • I definitely experience cramping and tender breasts (that tender breast side effect uhm hurts). My mood swings are more apparent than how they were on Tri-Sprintec but overall, not too bad - one year update: had a very bad period two months ago. Lots of sadness and crying

  • One year update: Starting to notice nights of insomnia (could be related to stress but also hormones so I'm writing it down) - Update: It's definitely period related. Never experienced this before with other birth control pills. 4-5 days before my period I will wake up at around 4am-7am and not be tired for a few hours. So strange. I take Olly Sleep Melatonin Gummies the 4-5 leading up to my period to help with the insomnia. I notice they slightly help me stay sleepy

  • After I took out the IUD, I experienced cramps and a headache


  • It feels good to not have to worry about taking a pill everyday

  • My face has cleared back up from Beyaz but definitely cannot compare to how it was on Tri-Sprintec. On Tri-Sprintec my skin was beautiful

  • My hair is remaining curly

  • My stomach isn't as sensitive. I can eat meat again

  • No decrease in sex drive, hollaaaa

  • I've noticed I do not need to pee as much throughout the day and at night. I'm not sure if this is due to being off the pill but I have definitely noticed a difference. Note: My water consumption never changed

  • Around the one-year mark, my bleeding stopped which then caused me to have yeast infections

  • The process to take it out is quick and painless, just experienced a little pinch

  • I didn't get pregnant! Yay!

Two months after I took the IUD out, my hair started to excessively shed. The shedding lasted about 2.5 months. I am currently not on any form of birth control.

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